Re: Problems with Weather Plus addon

Tony Ballou


I'm interested in using this add on on both of my systems myself.
However I am not sure how to get things cooking. The laptop is running
windows 10 pro with the creators update, the desktop chooses to be
ornery and absolutely does not like the update and is still running the
windows 10 anniversary edition. Both have NVDA 17.2 installed.


on 6/10/2017 9:30 AM, Akbar S. Currim wrote:


Could someone please help me? I have two laptops one running Windows
10 and the other one running Windows 7. I downloaded the Weather plus
addon on both machines and the installation was successful on both. I
found the Weather plus settings file under NVDA preferences in the
Win7 laptop and could correctly set the addon to my needs. But I
don't find the Weather plus settings file under the NVDA Preferences
on the Win10 machine so can not set up the addon suitably. Where does
the weather plus settings file go in the Win 10 machine? Am I doing
something wrong? I had no problem in setting up the addon on the Win7
laptop. So am confused as to how to set up the addon on the Win10
laptop as the settings file is not seen under NVDA preferences.

Thanks and regards,


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