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Ann Byrne

Remember that SayAll in NVDA requires use of the actual arrow keys, not the arrows on the numpad.

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Hi all,

I have to bring this topic up to date, I'm afraid!

The continuous read as described below, applies as much to Ms Word as to Firefox. I switched over to JAWS 17 to see if I could read a lengthy report in Word 2016. JAWS is able to keep going without swapping or staggering the text. NVDA, on the other hand, is not able to keep up and makes the most uncanny slips. It could be reading a paragraph of five lines and will only read the first three lines then jump back to the paragraph before and lose the position. When I try to reposition by moving the arrow keys, I cannot identify whether I am above or below the interrupted piece.

I have to finish studying this document and so I had to switch over the JAWS so that I could concentrate on the meaning of the words. Is this a known problem? Can I do anything?

Please see my original description below for details of my OS and the problem with Firefox and PDF files.

The following is my Original message to the list:

I am really delighted with NVDA! It is so easy to use and manages almost every situation that I meet. Well done to all involved in the development team!

I normally use Firefox to browse the web and so I am using NVDA v. 2017.2with Firefox version 53.0.3. Normally I have no problems with this combination. Lately, however, I have begun to read lengthy PDF reports which linked to a web page that I am working from. The page title shows that The PDF documents is being reading in Firefox itself. They are not in Adobe anyway. As NVDA gets closer to the bottom of the page, I notice that the sentences get interrupted and I have to move up-arrow to the previous recognisable point to pick up the flow of the text again. I tried to compare this behaviour with JAWS 16 but JAWS did not seem to be able to manage anything in Firefox.

I then opened the same link in Ms. Edge, still using NVDA, and was able to read the full document. Here the "overlapping" effect was not present and I read the PDF file perfectly.

Has anyone else noticed this effect in Firefox with PDF files? Is there any reading command that would handle the file differently so that I don't lose track like this?

IF the technical team are interested, I would be happy to put on the log to track the behaviour to see if there is something that needs to be done inside NVDA.

All the best,


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