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Joseph Norton



There are voices for English Canada, British English, an Irish voice, an Australian voice, and an Indian voice.


Here are some instructions on getting them.


Add a TTS voice to your PC

To use one of these voices, add it to your PC:

1.     Select the Start  button, then select Settings , choose Time & language, and then select Region & language .

2.     Select Add a language and search for the language you want to add. Choose the language you want to add from the list of search results. When you choose a language, you’ll be taken back to the Region & language settings page.

3.     Select the language you just added, and select Options.

4.     Under Download language pack, select Download. Then, under Speech, select Download.



After the download is complete, the voice will show up in the OneCore voices.


I think both the Mark voice and the Canadian Richard voices are pretty perky.  In addition, I just discovered the Katherine Australian voice can be heard taking a breath. Don’t know if any other voices from MS do that.





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From: Josh Kennedy
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I am using the latest NVDA next snapshot. I can use the oneCore voices

as a development testing. I see david, zira, and mark mobile voices. are

there more oneCore mobile voices maybe for british and other dialects

and other languages? if so how do I get them?






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