win 10 again

Marisane Moruthanyana

Evening folks


Let me thank you again for helping me to create the sound scheme of my liking.


I finally created my sound scheme, but I do not enjoy it to the fullest as I expected in win 10.


It is cool in win 7.


What happened to events combo box in win 10 sound schemes dialog??


I am noticing that some of the events are no longer there.


For instance, events like ‘exit’, ‘logon’ and ‘logoff’ windows.


Where are they and how does one re-populate them in the list of events?


Even though there are others one likes playing with, these are the events I like playing with mor often.


May I just ask you something?


Is there any windows specific mailing list which one can subscribe to so that one learns more of windows?


Your assistance, as always, is appreciated in advance.


With respect


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