Re: Kaspersky antivirus, how accessible?


The issue about avg, is that it reports false alarms to often.
It was one reason I quit using it.
Accessibility dropped off after 8.0.
The best version being version 6 or 7.
Also while 9 did fix access some what I found the hard drive churning away with some directories for volts and a few other things being made at the top of the treeview and the system was always running something.
Worse, while most programs got through if it was just a double extention or even something it didn't know about it told me I had a trogen or worm, put a name on it, said it was a dangerous file or program but then said it was unknown but was still dangerous even if I knew it was fine.
It could be a linux text file I had created or a program I had compiled myself.
Then it started including its own tuneup suite which sadly has become tuneup utilities fron uniblue which is in the opencandy spyware junk now.
It also installs its own search, toolbars and other malware itself.
Msse on the other hand is still attractive interface wize it also has no added software.
If I could get something that does not shout warnings at me unless it needs to and actually makes sence, has an interface thats good and not going to be bad, has an ok cost and doesn't include malware or extra junk then fine.
I don't mind if it includes adds and such for things that are good but nothing else.

On 5/04/2016 9:00 a.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:
It is a great program, but largely inaccessible.

On 4/4/2016 4:53 PM, Dan Beaver wrote:

I am starting to be concerned that AVG is not handling lots of virus
hits since my wife's laptop keeps getting infected.

How accessible is Kaspersky with NVDA? It seems to get very good
reviews as far as an antivirus tool.


Dan Beaver

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