Google Pinyin input and NVDA

Milos Przic

Hi all,
My question can be a little tricky, but I hope there is someone on the list who uses the Google's pinyin input on their PCs.
I am a beginner studying chinese and am still not able to understand all the options in the Pinyin input settings, but with somebody's help, if I change these, I might succeed. Of course, in order not to clutter up the list if there are not many interested, you can also contact me privately.
When I am typing chinese characters using the Google pinyin input, I don't get the character description automatically. What I do is, type a character, then find it with the arrow keys and with the insert+numpad 2 twice read its description. It is a very slow way of typing, and NVDA doesn't read the candidates' descriptions automatically although all the settings in the input composition settings are checked. I am using Windows 10 and vocalizer Tian-Tian as the voice for reading Chinese. So do I have to check something in the input settings in the Google pinyin itself also? What should I do?
Thanks to everybody in advance, and best regards!
          Miloš Pržic
          Twitter: MilosPrzic
          Skype: Milosh-hs

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