Re: Problem: No sounds when copying files etc.


You may have enhancement software for the sound.
1. if you are lucky you probably have a audio enhancer, if you disabled this on toshiba within sounds/ toshiba audio enhancer and on sound/ effects you can turn that off.
You may however have something called srs audio and yeah its for music not speech.
I have not tried killing this app and then either roling the card back to the standard ms drivers or if it is realtech, installing a generic one from the realtech site as I didn't want to mess it up.
Mine is an entry business unit and has the enhancer I also was able to remove and update the drivers from realtech a while ago.

On 5/04/2016 5:12 a.m., Ksenia Natapova via wrote:
I mean the beeps of the progress bar.
The operating system is Win10 and I have no sound device but the internal speaker of my laptop.

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What do you mean by no sounds exactly.

What version of windows is it
also do you perhaps have more then one sound device plugged in, such as the internal sound and some usb headphones?
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I have NVDA installed on my laptop. I don'g hear any sound when I copy and paste a file or install a program...
I even tried to reset the NVDA settings but I still can't hear any tone. Is there any way to turn on this option?
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