Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try Performance degradation in current Firefox


Well how many capchas do we need to solve daily?
The only time I usually have to do this is when I register for a service, login to something or forget password or need to put a key into something else.
And I hardly have to handle that.
I had no idea it was payed software would have got it ages ago if I knew.

On 5/04/2016 12:48 a.m., Gene wrote:
One reason Web Visum stopped being developed is because of a lack of interest in the blind community. If blind people had expressed more interest, I would think by contributing or getting the paid version, I don't know if it mattered which, the developers might have continued to update the program.

Firefox changed a security aspect. It isn't the responsibility of the firefox developers to choose one add on and say, blind people need access to this one add on. We will sign it ourselves or change something to allow it to work.

I agree with you about the lack of concern for accessibility in open source programs and that is one reason I have not been a member of the open source glorification movement. Both open source and for profit software has its place. and for profit software developers are more able to be pressured and persuaded to put resources into accessibility since a lack of accessibility threatens their profits in some cases. It's nice to have free and open source software. But the attitude that for profit software and companies are, in some way evil is ideology and doesn't follow basic laws of human nature. People get pleasure and enjoyment from doing things for altruistic reasons. But the profit motive is a strong motivator and, though it may have bad consequences when uncontroled, is important and is not evil. I'd be interested to know how many in the open source is good profit companies are evil branch of the open source movement would give up their jobs and do their day jobs for fre
e or only for contributions that allow them to live on a subsistence level.

From: Mallard
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2016 5:48 AM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda] Performance degradation in current Firefox

Yes, me too. I'm using FF 45, and I hate the fact that Mozilla will
discriminate us completely after version 46.

I'm erally fed up with these so-called "Open source software guys" who
take everything into account except accessibility.

NVDA is, of course, the great exception - because it was born to make
desktops accessible in the first place.

But, if you look at open source software in general, you'll see that
quite a lot of it is either totally or partially inaccessible.

I say this with a bleeding heart, because I'm a great fan of Open
Source, and use it as much as I can.
It's a pity that we always have to fight for years before someone starts
considering accessibility.
Look at Calibre, for instance.
It was totally inaccessible until one fine day they updated qt, and it
suddenly became partially accessible.
Not for their choosing to do so, but quite by chance...

And Sumatra Pdf...
It reads so many formats, but we can't use it...

How long did it take for OpenOffice and LibreOffice to become usable?


What actually happens is that we either have to sacrifice security, or
pay for something others don't pay for - like those captcha solving
services, that make you pay to get something everybody else gets just by
looking at the captchas...
And we have Webvisum, which was never loved by companies, apparently,
and here comes Mozilla and says that it won't be usable as of their next FF.

Why should it always be us that have to hunt for a workaround?
And they ask for donations, too... Never again!
A very angry and frustrated Ollie

Il 03/04/2016 22:54, mk360 ha scritto:
I'm using Firefox 45 with webvisum using this configuration, so
Webvisum works. If you read the post that I pasted in my mail you will
notice that the config will not work after FF 46 (official info from


El 03/04/2016 a las 17:47, David Moore escribió:
You can do absolutely nothing to get web visum to work after Firefox
43. That trick only works for version 43. After that, there is
nothing at all one can do to get web visum to work in Firefox. Web
Visum is gone, so we need to figure out something else Lol!

-----Original Message----- From: P. Otter
Sent: Sunday, April 3, 2016 8:24 AM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda]
Performance degradation in current Firefox

is ther any one who has the values to repair the webvisum problems i
have it also anymore.
thanks inadvance.

----- Original Message ----- From: "mk360" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2016 5:13 AM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda] Performance
degradation in current Firefox

Webvisum works in the latest firefox, you need to change some things
on about:config... I don't have the values now, but someone posted
the instructions on this (or in freelist) list,.

El 02/04/2016 a las 20:32, David Moore escribió:
You know, I had that same problem. Ramola solved captschas I never
wanted to be solved and took my money. Thanks for reminding of
that. I knew there was some reason why I do not like Ramola! I do
not want to keep disconnecting it and connecting it all the time
either. Is there any other captscha solving service? Wev vism does
not work anymore in the later versions of Firefox. Take care.

-----Original Message----- From: P. Otter
Sent: Saturday, April 2, 2016 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda]
Performance degradation in current Firefox

yes, that's true, what you say.
but on the other hand, when i browse to a site, where is a capcha
the capcha wil be processed byy rumola, even if you don't need it
at that
i think that is a problem, if i don't can disable it until i need it.
or is that possible?
paul otter

----- Original Message ----- From: "David Moore"
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda] Performance
degradation in current Firefox

You have to use Ramola captscha add on. You pay 95 cents to solve
150 captschas and so on. Have a great one.

-----Original Message----- From: Mallard
Sent: Saturday, April 2, 2016 8:02 AM
Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda]
Performance degradation in current Firefox


But what happens with Captcha solving in Chrome?


Il 02/04/2016 09:52, Nimer Jaber ha scritto:

I am very happy to say that my issues at least have been
addressed, and that browsing with Chrome and NVDA is the best it
has ever been.

On 02-Apr-16 02:40, Kevin Chao wrote:
Please retry with latest build of Chrome Canary... Accessibility
improvements went in!
On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 4:08 PM Nimer Jaber
<> wrote:


Please find my answers below. I am hoping that some of these
issues are just the way that my specific configuration is
set up.

On 27-Mar-16 17:55, Chris Mullins wrote:

Hi Nimer

Just a few questions:

Can I establish if you are using Chrome or Canary?

What is ChromeVox?
Chromevox is Google's screen reading option that a user can
enable while using Chrome or Chrome OS.

What is the status of the ‘automatically run say all on page
load’ in the NVDA Browse mode dialog?

What is the status of the ‘automatic focus mode for focus
changes’ in the NVDA Browse mode dialog?

What is the status of the ‘automatic focus mode for caret
movement’ in the NVDA Browse mode dialog?

I have Chrome and Canary and don’t get the same as you re
pressing tab to see the content in either version of the

The quick navigation keys operate when you are in browse mode
and I’ve not had trouble with them in standard web pages with
eiter browser but there is a problem with them in the settings
page of Chrome but they seem to work OK in the Canary
settings page.

The chrome menu reads perfectly in chrome but there are a
of gaps in the Canary version after Zoom and Edit entries.



*From:*Nimer Jaber []
*Sent:* 27 March 2016 22:37
*To:* <>
*Subject:* Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda]
Performance degradation in current Firefox

Unfortunately, Chrome accessibility has a bit of a ways to
go. I
wish it didn't. I wish I could reliably use Chrome without the
strangeness that persists, but I can't. With Canary, some menu
items are not read out by NVDA, but are by Chromevox.
Others are
read out by NVDA and not by Chromevox. I don't want two screen
reading packages running. When navigating the web and going
to a
new web page, I seem to have to push tab after a new page
otherwise NVDA doesn't seem to see the content on the page.
doing a search on the Google page and when navigating around
Chrome in general, pressing H to navigate by heading only
sometimes, but sometimes locks up until I again press tab to
force it to get back to the content. The sign-in process in
Chrome does not work with NVDA. I needed to use Window-eyes to
get it to read the content. JAWS was also unable to read
it. And
I will post another thread about this, but Hangouts doesn't
very well. the Hangouts app seems to be totally
inaccessible to
next branches of NVDA and Canary. And the keyboard shortcuts
that Google outlines in their manual at don't
work when navigating to
<>, and the article doesn't specify
where exactly these shortcuts are supposed to work. Actually
many hotkeys that Google outlines interfere with
browser-specific hotkeys. So I would be happy to transition to
using Chrome, as Firefox is becoming awful, but that would
a huge loss of productivity for me. So if you have been
able to
get Chrome to work more reliably, I am interested in which
version of Chrome and which version of NVDA, as well as any
settings changes that you have made for your specific
set-up. If
this is localized to just me, I am willing to do some
troubleshooting, but on three computers Chrome's behavior
to be the same. About the only improvement I have seen to
Canary is that NVDA reads out a few additional menu items that
it wasn't reading before. I might try resetting Chrome back to
default settings and removing all plugins to see if that
has any
effect, but this installation of Chrome is pretty new, so I'm
not sure if that will help or not.


On 3/27/2016 4:05 PM, Scott VanDeWalle wrote:

I've been using chrome now for a couple of weeks now i
It is pretty good for the most part.


On 3/27/2016 9:20 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:

My problem with Firefox is that I am no longer able to
use the BBC iplayer. Every time I try to listen to
something, I get a message telling me that the Adobe
flash plugin has crashed. This particular plugin is up
to date and I have been having this problem since
December. I know this is not anNVDA issue but would be
greatful if anyone has any ideas on how I can sort
out. I have been using Firefox as my primary
browser now
for nearly 9 and a half years.

*From:*mk360 <>

*Sent:*Sunday, March 27, 2016 1:31 PM

*To:* <>

*Subject:*Re: [nvda] Performance degradation in

I've in firefox 45.0.1 and all is working fine.

El 27-03-2016 a las 8:46, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William

I see no problem with NVDA. I recommend you go
google and search for about:config that can help
improve firefox performace and that pretty helps.

Kevin Chao 於27/3/201610:13 寫 道:

One of Chrome's strengths is performance...I
experience 0% lag with MVDA when interacting
with modern web apps.

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 5:11 PM Supanut
Leepaisomboon <> wrote:

I noticed performance issues with
Firefox as
well, but not just with NVDA, but Jaws as
well, especially on Facebook where the
browser lags. Firefox seemed to perform
poorly on my Surface 3, despite not having
any addons installed.

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