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Only have access to spam on imap or web mail but if it was delivered to spam it technically would not be seen as a bounce to io would it in any case.
No I suspect black listing going on.

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well checking spam maybe, contacting your isp could help.

The only time I have had this happen was before ssl came along and it was an optional feature not standard.

Anyway I was on yahoogroups and needed ssl for remote mail.

Yahoogroups did not support ssl they do now like everything else.

Anyway I was bouncing and getting banned and all sorts of junk.

I contacted the support people and told them I was on an ssl connection, and they manually got me out of the bounce issue.

If things keep bouncing I strongly suggest you ditch your isps email and just use gmail.

I had to do this when I switched isps and this has helped me a lot as a lot of services require jumping through hoops to update contact info.

Today for example I was updating my soon to be expired government taxi transport card, and was assured that I could do it online.

However after getting a sightling to read the details to me from the paper form, my email address was not correct.

I then had to sign for the form, and then I couldn't pay online only by check only and I don't write those.

Luckily my dad helped me, wrote one and sent the check today and form else no transport card for me unless I took a trip into town to the local blindy organisation, to get another appointment to fill out another form which while it wouldn't cost me more cash would mean more wasted time.

It can take around 20 minutes to an hour to get into town on the roads or a little less with busses.

Point is, I'd have to travel 2 hours and wait 20 minutes for an appointment, pay 8 bucks and fill out a 5 minute form.

And while for security reasons from time to time I do actually do this, I would prefur not to.

Imagine if I had to do this for every fuzzing email address change.

I could actually say stronger words and while I know that this is probably an isolated case with the tech we have its still worth noting down.

There are ofcause disadvantages to getting off isp mail, the main ones are lack of local support and well at least in basic mode on gmail I can't empty my trash folder as such.

On the otherside, I don't need to worry about antivirus protection or fishing, or any security at all for my email thats handled by google.

I don't have to bother about anyone hacking my account google has a good track record I have even managed to trip the defence turrits from time to time and its not nice to get hit.

The spam system is usually good, and if you allow enough non spam stuff out of spam the system will learn from you.

I also have full ssl and can access the stuff I want world wide.

I also have 15 gb of space for everything from email to files, to other services including a calendar which on win10 really does rock.

On 13/06/2017 7:54 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
In addition to other lists asking me to confirm, now has saying the emails to me are bouncing. This cannot be true as I can see current emails, so I've clicked the unbounce and am just testing this group.

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