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Yes, but there were several others like that One was a demo of Office often supplied on a new laptop by the big warehouses that sell at cheap prices. Did I mention PC World oops sorry...


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hi brian

I reported the maths html one where when you uninstalled it it buggered up nvda, but when it was re installed it fixed it up and nvda worked again.

Gene nz

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There used to be a Microsoft fixit for this in xp and 7. seems odd if its in 10. Would be interesting to know if the machine was always used with a screenreader and originally was 7.
Also I seem to recall a lot of this is often due to a particular file not being registered. I last saw this from Jamie on the dev list perhaps a year or so ago? anyone remember what file it was? Again it was due to an uninstall of some program.

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Ask if someone removed Word or Office. It sounds as though someone did something like that which damages Windows ability to work with NVDA. I don't know if the problem can be corrected other than by doing something like reverting Windows using the Windows 10 feature. But I don't know if everything must be removed or if Windows can be reverted while keeping installed programs. Others who know more will, I hope comment.


From: Gene New Zealand
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA keeps on saying unknown yet speaks in other places

hi guys

i have a lady who gave me her laptop. She is running Windows 10 with the anniversary version of windows. it is a 64 bit machine and has NVDA 2017.2 on it at present.

she has mozilla thunder bird and fire fox etc on it.

there are no viruses etc on it.

NVDA starts up and is using the e speak synth.

some of the things it is doing like when you tab say from the start menu across the taskbar where the running applications are it is saying unknown. Ausing the arrow keys nvda will not speak any thing. A sighted person said there is little icons there but are not getting read out. it will speak the windows notification area and also the desktop. You can arrow around etc and that part works. You can go into NVDAs menus etc. You can also go into windows explorer and navigate there as well. But the menus up the topwill only speak the main tabs and not any thing as you tab down the list.

When you go into mozilla thunder bird it just says unknown as you tab. you can not even get into the menus up the top with the alt key etc.

the same sort of thing happens in mozilla fire fox and there is a page loaded which it does not speak. it will not even speak the menus up the top either. Quick navigation keys do not even work.

I have even uninstalled NVDA totally both through the program and features section and also under the %appdata% section then installed a clean copy of NVDA, yet the same results.

At present i am doing a system restore to a earlier date but will not know until it boots up if the problems is still there.

The applications key when pressed i got told it comes up, but nvda does not speak it when you arrow down the menu.

any ideas i could try? I have also tried it from a thumb drive with a good working copy, but still the same results.

I will try and get a nvda log and send it so you guys might get a better idea of what is happening.

Gene nz

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