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Bhavya shah

Hi Daniel,
NVDA's Synth Settings Ring is much more flexible than the JAWS feature
you describe. Not only can it handle changing speech rate on the fly,
but all the other voice settings NVDA has to offer. NVDA+Ctrl+arrow
keys in case of the Desktop keyboard layout, and NVDA+Ctrl+Shift+arrow
keys in case of the laptop keyboard layout is what you require. The
said keys (depending on your keyboard layout) along with the left and
right arrows will toggle through the various settings you can quickly
interact with through the Synth Settings Ring. You can alternate the
left and right arrow keys with the up and down arrow keys when NVDA
has announced the voice setting you desire to modify, and clearly, the
up arrow is an increment and the down arrow is a decrement.
How this relates to your enquiry is that if you toggle to the Rate
setting in the Synth Settings Ring, you effectively have a keyboard
shortcut in place to only rapidly change your speech rate from
anywhere: NVDA+Ctrl(+Shift on a laptop)+up/down arrows to
increase/decrease NVDA's speech rate.

On 6/14/17, Daniel Gartmann <> wrote:

Hi Rui,

Thanks for the suggestion.

But I am looking to do this using just 1 keystroke like the keystroke in
JAWS attached to the JAWS script DecreaseVoiceratePermanent.

I know THAT NVDA is not JAWS but I am just asking for this particular

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Have you noticed the speech settings ring?
You access it with NVDA+Control+arrows...


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De: Daniel Gartmann
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Assunto: [nvda] Keystroke to adjust speech rate


With a user who is migrating from ZT to possibly NVDA, I would like to show

how to change speech rate, but I can’t find a way of assigning a keystroke
to that function.

Has anyone come up with a solution to make a hot key to adjust speech rate
instead of having to go into the Voice dialog NVDA+Ctrl+v and then tab to
the speech rate option and adjust using the arrow keys?

Thanks in advance.


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