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David Tanner

I have done that before with no problem so long as you regularly do disk cleanup including the option to cleanup system files too. That way you get rid of any windows.old files on the internal drive because they can take up around 20GB of drive space just by themselves.

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I noticed using NVDA resource monitor addon that windows10 home 32bit with the apps and stuff I demand of it... its using an average of 1gb ram, about 900mb sitting on the desktop. and with all my apps and stuff installed including documents and stuff I'm only using about 16gb of the total 74gb hard drive space. And this laptop is eleven years old. So based on this I think that NVDA would work great on even the cheapest RCA cambio windows10 home 32bit tablet. They have quad core atom processors in them. So would you agree? but can tablets be upgraded to the creators edition of windows10? windows10 home works for me, don't need the pro features.


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