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Personally having a friend with a touch screen machine, I really just prefer to disable touch altogether in windows as it seems even the hair of my head touching the screen sets it off!
Who thought this up for desktop grr.
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Actually, temporarily disabling touch support is possible but it requires some careful considerations. I’ll do something about it once I get my new ThinkPad in my lab (home).



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Hi Don,

I don't think there is an easy way to do what you want. You could disable individual touch gestures from the Input gestures dialog (Press NVDA+n, then p, then up arrow to "input gestures") - from there find the gesture in the tree view to disable. Ideally you could save this as a specific configuration profile so you could easily then revert between having the touch gestures available or not.

You could also file an issue on our GitHub page:

Kind regards


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Is there a way to disable NVDA support for a touch screen on a laptop computer. I don't use the touch screen and would like the touch screen to be using the basic Win 10 support for touch screens and not the NVDA support.



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