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Thanks Quentin. That makes more sense now.

The alignment info that NVDA gives also confused me as it just said left aligned regardless of where I was in the header or footer, so thanks for clearing that up also.

On my system, pressing tab only moves between the centre and right sections; if I want to move back to the left I have to press shift+tab. I don't know if that's standard behaviour but it could be something worth mentioning in the tutorial.


On 15/06/2017 00:48, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Kara,

My apologies, I should have more clearly advised what NVDA reads.  It does move from left aligned, to centre aligned, to right aligned, but when you press TAB it does read as if it's moved by tab stop.  On my A4 document with Normal margins for instance, when I press tab, it reads 10.5 centimetres (the middle of the 21cm wide page) and then 18.5cm (the right margin of the page).

It's a bit tricky, as it identifies as "Align default".

You can use CONTROL+L, CONTROL+E and CONTROL+R to change alignment, however that also moves any existing text (so it works as it would on a normal line of the document).

Kind regards


On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 4:15 AM, Kara Goldfinch <kara.louise18@...> wrote:

Hi all.

I am currently working my way through NVAccess' excellent MS Word tutorial, and have ran into a problem when editing headers or footers.

Keep in mind I'm using word 2016 as part of my office 365 subscription.

The tutorial says that the tab key moves you from the left section, to the centre then to the right. However, in word 2016 it seems to just insert tab stops.

I remember this work correctly in word 2007, so something must have changed since then.

Does any of you know how to move between the sections now?

All the best


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