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Don H

I am using the latest version of NVDA. Getting to the bookmarks does work with hitting the alt key followed by spacebar then b. Still a little messy as it seems to open the bookmarks and put you on a random entry in the list of bookmarks and as you said first letter selection does not work. Doesn't seem that Google is great on their user interface.

On 6/15/2017 1:28 PM, Gene wrote:
What screen-reader are you using?
Also, I haven't played with it enough to know if you can use it as an effective substitute for the book marks menu when finding and following a book mark. But there is a book marks tool bar you can turn on. It doesn't interfere with browsing and you can get to it with f6. Right and left arrowing will move you through book marks. They are buttons. Press the space bar on the one you want. I believe first letter navigation works in the tool bar as well. But I don't know if there are limitations in what you can do with the tool bar or how many book marks it shows or if it can show different folders. But you may want to play with it. I don't use Chrome much and (I don't have enough book marks to evaluate the
If you open the book marks menu, you will find the item to determine if the tool bar is shown. It will say something like show book marks bar. If it isn't checked, press enter on it. the menu will close, you will be back in the main Window, and the tool bar will be available.
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When going to the bookmarks as described below NVDA repeats the name of
each bookmark twice.
On 6/15/2017 9:14 AM, Gene wrote:
> After all these years, Chrome doesn't have such a shortcut. You can
> open the menu with alt, press enter when the menu opens, type b and then
> press enter again.
> Gene
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> In both IE and Firefox there is a simple way to get to your favorites
> with Alt A and Alt B. Is there a hot key combination to open favorites
> or bookmarks in google chrome?
> Thanks

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