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Don H

It appears to me that every time you open Google Chrome it checks and installs updates, so I am not sure if you can be running a out of date version. Of course I could be totally wrong on all counts. Trying to move to Google Chrome as I am fed up with IE crashing with that wonderful message that IE has stopped working and needs to be restarted.

On 6/15/2017 1:53 PM, Gene wrote:
(I don't have a current version of the program so I don't know if things have changed. In my version, when I open book marks, I am always placed at the same place, at the top of the submenu.
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I am using the latest version of NVDA. Getting to the bookmarks does
work with hitting the alt key followed by spacebar then b. Still a
little messy as it seems to open the bookmarks and put you on a random
entry in the list of bookmarks and as you said first letter selection
does not work. Doesn't seem that Google is great on their user interface.
On 6/15/2017 1:28 PM, Gene wrote:
> What screen-reader are you using?
> Also, I haven't played with it enough to know if you can use it as an
> effective substitute for the book marks menu when finding and following
> a book mark. But there is a book marks tool bar you can turn on. It
> doesn't interfere with browsing and you can get to it with f6. Right
> and left arrowing will move you through book marks. They are buttons.
> Press the space bar on the one you want. I believe first letter
> navigation works in the tool bar as well. But I don't know if there are
> limitations in what you can do with the tool bar or how many book marks
> it shows or if it can show different folders. But you may want to play
> with it. I don't use Chrome much and (I don't have enough book marks to
> evaluate the
> If you open the book marks menu, you will find the item to determine if
> the tool bar is shown. It will say something like show book marks bar.
> If it isn't checked, press enter on it. the menu will close, you will
> be back in the main Window, and the tool bar will be available.
> Gene
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> When going to the bookmarks as described below NVDA repeats the name of
> each bookmark twice.
> On 6/15/2017 9:14 AM, Gene wrote:
> > After all these years, Chrome doesn't have such a shortcut. You can
> > open the menu with alt, press enter when the menu opens, type b
and then
> > press enter again.
> > Gene
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> > In both IE and Firefox there is a simple way to get to your favorites
> > with Alt A and Alt B. Is there a hot key combination to open
> > or bookmarks in google chrome?
> > Thanks
> >
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