Outlook Mail Problem

Ralph Boersema

Dear All,

I sent this message out a couple of days ago and have not yet been able to solve the issue, but have been able to eliminate some possibilities. I am using Windows 10 and Outlook in Office 2016. I have generally been able to work with Outlook Mail reasonably well. However, recently a problem has arisen that I can't seem to resolve. One of my email accounts is a Microsoft exchange account. When I first set it up, NVDA navigated through these folders in the same way as other folders. Then, I needed to delete this account and then set it up again. This was for reasons relating to the Office 365 that our company uses. In other words, setting up this account anew had nothing to do with the Outlook installed on my computer. Since doing this, however, my navigating through the mail list has gone wacky:

1. I cannot navigate from one message to another using up and down arrows. The only way to move through the list is by using ctrl + up or down arrows and then selecting the message before opening it.
2. When I delete a message I get jumped down to an unpredictable location in the list, that is,it does not necessarily go to the next message in the list.
3. When I send out a message NVDA does not go to the next message, but to the folder, even though the setting is configured to go to the next message.

According to my wife, visually the navigation is working correctly.

All efforts to find the source of the problem in the view configurations have failed. The problems are only in the inbox. All of the other folders associated with the exchange account continue to work normally and show no problems.


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