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Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>

Hi, Quentin,

I understand all the reasons you listed.

But can you be more specific in what is happening with LibreOffice? Why the issues are not being addressed?

So, In relation to LibreOffice specifically:

1 - The limited developers team is one reason?

2 - LibreOffice is not a priority?

3 - The LibreOffice team is not interested in working together with NVDA DEVELOPERS to fix the issues?

4 - Do Microsoft funding influences?

Knowing the reasons is the only way we can ask for solutions on both developers.

Excuse me, but GitHub, to me, is a mess. I prefer to use this group to talk about the issues, as I know the NVDA developers will see them.

Kind regards,


Em 15/06/2017 10:28, Quentin Christensen escreveu:

Hi everyone,

There certainly are numerous reasons why some programs may get more attention than others.

First and foremost, with a very limited development team, we just can't get to everything, therefore we do need to try to prioritise what we can work on to try and have the greatest impact and benefit for users.

Sometimes yes, that does mean working on fixing issues in a more popular program than a less well known alternative.

Sometimes it is because we have tried to approach the developers of a program to work together on fixing accessibility issues, and they just aren't interested. Often issues may require work both from NV Access, and from the program developer, in order to implement a solution, so we do need some cooperation.

Sometimes we may receive funding from a particular company to identify and work on issues in their compatibility with NVDA.

In the case of Microsoft office as well, having been working on the Microsoft word and excel with NVDA training modules, that uncovered a lot of issues, both in office and in NVDA.

At the end of the day, do please continue to file issues in GitHub for compatibility with software you use, also feel free to comment on issues if you have more information.  The more interest shown in a software program, and the clearer the bug reports, the easier it is for us to make it a higher priority.

Kind regards


On 15 Jun. 2017 23:06, "Gene" <gsasner@...> wrote:
We don't know how much this is because of lack of proper accessibility in LibreOffice.  Programs may pose very difficult access issues with screen-readers if the designers don't built in proper access in the first place.  In addition, given limited resources and workers, it may be thought to be more important to emphasize access with Word, which is used generally in work and academic settings. 
I'll let the developers comment further, I don’t' want to and can't speak for them.  I have no objection to such questions being discussed.  But there may be very good reasons why Word substitute programs aren't given attention and I maintain that asking rather than more or less stating that such programs are being neglected is a conclusion that is an unsupported assumption.
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I totally agree!

In every new NVDA version, we see many enhancements related to MS
Office, but LibreOffice is ignored.

In fact, as I noted in many messages in this group, LibreOffice and NVDA
have some very annoying issues when working together.

Very sad.


Em 14/06/2017 16:30, Josh Kennedy escreveu:
> hi
> I know that microsoft word and NVDA or I should say microsoft office
> apps and NVDA work good together. you can read charts and graphs in
> excel, you can use browse mode, read comments, and much more. But it
> seems like libreoffice is lagging behind as far as libreoffice
> enhanced features. So that folks don't have to pay for microsoft
> office if they don't want to. if libreoffice does not read charts with
> NVDA, does not have browse mode ability, reading comments, basically
> it would be nice if the feature set that we see and have in microsoft
> office for NVDA should also transfer over and be available in the free
> libreoffice as well. If someone could make an addon which will bring
> all the nice ms-office enhancements into libreoffice for NVDA this
> would be useful for me and others who cannot afford ms-office.
> thanks
> Josh

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