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Its not but until the developers add the needed accessibile apis to common features it will always have issues.
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As the issues between LibreOffice and NVDA are counted only in the
hands, so few they are, I think that LibreOffice has sufficiently good
accessibility built in.

For this same reason, the number of workers or hours to solve the
problems may not be so great.
The problem here seems to be a lack of communication between the
developers of both software.
The fact of Word being use in academic settings, at least here in
Brazil, is not the case. My graduation course had a discipline to teach
LibreOffice and it was the suite used by the Federal University -- all
of them use it.
As I see one release after another of NVDA simply not given LibreOffice
the attention it certainly deserves, the only logical conclusion is that
it is being neglected. I am sorry.


Em 15/06/2017 10:05, Gene escreveu:
We don't know how much this is because of lack of proper accessibility
in LibreOffice. Programs may pose very difficult access issues with
screen-readers if the designers don't built in proper access in the
first place. In addition, given limited resources and workers, it may
be thought to be more important to emphasize access with Word, which
is used generally in work and academic settings.
I'll let the developers comment further, I don’t' want to and can't
speak for them. I have no objection to such questions being
discussed. But there may be very good reasons why Word substitute
programs aren't given attention and I maintain that asking rather than
more or less stating that such programs are being neglected is a
conclusion that is an unsupported assumption.
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I totally agree!

In every new NVDA version, we see many enhancements related to MS
Office, but LibreOffice is ignored.

In fact, as I noted in many messages in this group, LibreOffice and NVDA
have some very annoying issues when working together.

Very sad.


Em 14/06/2017 16:30, Josh Kennedy escreveu:

I know that microsoft word and NVDA or I should say microsoft office
apps and NVDA work good together. you can read charts and graphs in
excel, you can use browse mode, read comments, and much more. But it
seems like libreoffice is lagging behind as far as libreoffice
enhanced features. So that folks don't have to pay for microsoft
office if they don't want to. if libreoffice does not read charts with
NVDA, does not have browse mode ability, reading comments, basically
it would be nice if the feature set that we see and have in microsoft
office for NVDA should also transfer over and be available in the free
libreoffice as well. If someone could make an addon which will bring
all the nice ms-office enhancements into libreoffice for NVDA this
would be useful for me and others who cannot afford ms-office.



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