losing speech in win 8.1

Monte Single

Yes foks, it happened again.


At work, I am using the latest version of nvda in win8.1    I work as an ed assistfor the local school board.  So I am connected through a network with several thousand machine running on it.

Occassionally,  an update or patch or scan or whatever happens  from central office.

A few weeks ago, right after the “ransom me” event, I experienced the same problem.

All of a sudden, the toggle insert+s    stopped working correctly.

It  would toggle through with off, beeps, on;  but, when set to on there was no speech no matter what key or keys I pressed.

I rebooted several times with no change.

The   tech came and  reinstalled nvda.

So I have sent another tech request and hopefully he will  show  up Monday morn.






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