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Dan Beaver


Most of what my wife does on-line is shop on Amazon, New Egg, Tiger Direct and a few other shopping sites.  She does a fair amount on Facebook and our church's website.  Other than that I don't see much that should cause her to get these bad things on her laptop but she does.  I do much of the same kinds of things and I do not seem to get these things at all or at least very very little.

I had her set the A V G  settings the same as what I use and her system still gets these things where I do not.


Dan Beaver

On 4/5/2016 10:58 AM, Gene wrote:
Also, if, as has been said, the files are mostly spyware, while you might get better protection using another antivirus program, you should also add the paid version of Malware Bytes if your wife goes to sites and does things that expose her to malware other than viruses.  But what your wife does to infect her computer would be useful to discuss.  Someone who takes good care to follow safe practices should not be infected with anything serious at all often.  We don't know what your wife is infected with but if she if often infected with more than trivial things like tracking cookies, then she is doing things that open her to infection and that should be discussed. 
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Brian Gaff offered, "I wonder if one of the issues is that she is just not being careful enough. Sooner or later if you do not take care, you will get something nasty, no matter what security you have on a machine you know."

And without any hesitation I second this idea, and it has nothing to do with whether one is blind or not.

The subject of infections and "things being missed" comes up endlessly on forums, and most tech geeks say exactly what Mr. Gaff has said in one way or another.  I have done the same recently, twice, on the JFW Group.  For anyone who might be interested the posts are, Recommendations for anti-virus, and, Forums Question & possible change request.  If you do not engage in good "browsing hygiene" you will get infected, period.  There is no way for antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware programs to be 100% up to date and 100% effective 100% of the time.


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