Re: Kaspersky antivirus, how accessible?


The free version of Malware Bytes doesn't have real time protection.  It doesn't stop a machine from being infected.  It can detect and remove a lot of infections once the machine is infected.  
If we can determine and remove the underlying problem, it might be less important to use such a program with real time protection.  It still might be a good idea.

Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Kaspersky antivirus, how accessible?


        I preface with the following:  This is not meant to be accusatory, it's meant as a problem-solving step.

        As has been observed several times now, there has to be something that your wife is doing, in some way, whether intentionally or not, that accounts for this difference.  Given the state of antivirus software, and that virtually all of it will scan anything you download before it is placed on your machine where you can access it, these infections are not likely viruses.  Most other types of infections are the direct result of some user action, typically clicking through on unfamiliar links that take you to malicious sites.  If you have ever had an infection, and it was not completely purged, you can end up having this occur again because the malware/spyware itself triggers "click-throughs."

         Part of ultimately solving this problem is going to be figuring out exactly what action has been taken that is triggering it in the first place.  

         I will disagree with Gene, but only slightly, in that I have generally found the free version of Malwarebytes to be completely sufficient for ridding machines of malware, particularly for home users.  It's part of the standard tool suite that I install on new machines when I am setting them up for a client.  I also like Spywareblaster, which is pre-emptive in nature.  I use Malwarebytes mostly "after the fact" when there's an infection.  Spywareblaster keeps your web browsers from being able to access a long list of known malicious sites (among other things).  The free version requires that you manually update the definitions while the paid version (which is not very expensive) will do automatic updating for you.  I cannot speak to whether it's accessible or not.



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