introduction, and object navigation

Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

Hi, Everyone.
I'm Rajmund, I'm sure some of you will know me from one place or another.
I'm slightly, OK, maybe more than, slightly confused about object navigation. I'm aware of the key commands, thanks to someone privately. I'm also sort of aware what it does, and how it works. but besides that, I'm stuck. I tried experimenting in programs, but that failed. empty notepad, got nowhere. thunderbird message body, got a little further, but not by much. text in a notepad file, it started making sense, only when I realised that it does just what the reading keys would do. so I guess, I'm back to square 1.
1) what does it exactly do? 2) where can it do things, that arrows and tabbing won't get me to achieve? 3) some examples where I can get it to work, and learn it please?
Thanks so much.

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