Re: Good Browsing Hygiene, was: Kaspersky antivirus, how accessible?



          When I right click on a link (via conventional right click, not the screen reader) the only thing that pops up that could be remotely useful is the "Copy Link Location" option in the context menu.  You could then open Notepad, for instance, paste it, and have it read there.

           However, I am virtually certain that you can instruct the screen reader to actually announce to you that, "," is the URL that you'd go to when, "Link White Socks," is what's announced because the click through text is, "White Socks."

           I hope someone else will chime in on what command that would be, as I can't seem to locate it in my NVDA keystrokes document (or am just looking past it or it's using terminology for the command that's not making me say, "that's the one!").


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