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Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

What even was! back in the days, even if it didn't really do us visually impaired people any good, the scroll lock used for?
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The scroll lock isn't part of the six pack.  I don't know how many laptops may have a scroll lock key.  My laptop either doesn't have one or requires some sort of fn plus key combination.  The keys on the six pack are, from left to right on a standard keyboard, and moving from top to bottom of each column, insert and delete, home and end, page up and page down.
On a standard keyboard, the scroll lock is the middle key in the three key cluster to the right of the twelve function keys.  I've never heard of it being used in Windows.  I recall it was used in DOS but my guess is that many keyboards built into Windows laptops may not have such a key or a combination of keys for it. 
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out of curiousity what are the actual keys on that 6 pack?

I know that there is a print screen key and the scroll lock but what are the other ones?
On 6/17/2017 2:59 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:

Heh, and Chris, for what it's worth, you can use the program mentioned in Jake's post (below) to remap the scroll lock key to be the context if you have one of those.  That might solve the problem, since nobody seems to use the scroll lock key for anything useful in most cases.

On 6/17/2017 5:02 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:

This page speaks about how to use autoHotKey to remap the right alt key to be used as the context menu/applications context key:

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On 2017-06-17 22:51, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
That isn't entirely altogether true.
When you, like me, have physical motor and dexterity issues in your hands which prevent you from doing things effectively the way you have describe...
No offense by this intended, and I hope none taken, but please consider those like myself who may have other physical limitations which prevent them from doing certain things as you would. This isn't me, but what about those with cognative issues as well, who find reaching a key like that to be hard, if not impossible.
I mean this with the utmost of respect.
Christopher Gilland
Co-founder of Genuine Safe Haven Ministries
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Everything is awkward when you first go to do it. It was weird at
first for me to have to reach up and to the right instead of hitting a
button right next to my spacebar, but I got used to it. It is all up
to how you chose to deal with it.

On 6/17/17, Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...> wrote:
> I suppose I could! technically remap scrollock or printscreen, but again,
> those keys are really awquard to get to on this thing.
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>   I'm not familiar with all of the keys available with that model since
>   I didn't bother to look it up, but when I got my new keyboard I had
>   the same sort of issue. There was an FN key in the spot where the
>   applications key was. I used sharp keys to remap my scroll lock key
>   for the applications key. I've never in my many years, sighted and non
>   sighted, used that group of keys for anything, lol. I use to use print
>   screen, but that is it.
>   Melissa
>   On 6/17/17, Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...> wrote:
>   > Travis,
>   >
>   > This won't work.
>   >
>   > I'd have to be using either screen review, or object nav for this to
> work,
>   > and yes, you are correct on your assumption that some apps interpret
> the
>   > apps key different from a right click. It's rare, I'll grant you that,
> but
>   > it does happen.
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>   > Christopher Gilland
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>   >
>   >
>   >   I seem to recall from somewhere that the applications key is the same
> as a
>   > right click, so you could try pressing the NVDA key for right click, and
> see
>   > if it brings up the same menu for you.  I've never bothered to test
> this
>   > assertion, so I could be wrong, and it's of course possible that some
>   > programs specifically look for the applications key (if that's
> possible),
>   > and so a right click wouldn't do the trick, but it's worth trying.
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >   On 6/17/2017 3:08 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
>   >
>   >     OK, this is a little bit of a unique situation, but I'm sure I'm
>   > probably not the only person who's run into this predicament.
>   >
>   >     I have an HP laptop which more specifically is the HP 250G5.
>   >
>   >     Though this system is absolutely incredible, I love it, there is
> one
>   > thing, and really only! about one thing, that I do not like about it.
>   >
>   >     Unfortunately, this system has no physical application's key. Trust
> me.
>   > I've gone into keyboard help, and have practically hit everything under
> the
>   > sun! It's not even something where holding down FN along with another
> key
>   > will do it. I even have gone so far as to get ahold of HP, and they
>   > confirmed that the key doesn't exist on this model.
>   >
>   >     A few possibilities therefore are an external keyboard that has
> this
>   > key. Well, there went my portability.
>   >
>   >     The other would be to hit shift+F10 to open the context menu on the
>   > focused item. Normally 99.9 percent of the time, this would be OK, but,
> my
>   > keys F1 through F10 are not spaced apart tacticly, and I'm a very firm
>   > believer in not putting dots on my keys. To me, that just feels utterly
>   > disgusting, and I always shutter when working with students who's keys
> are
>   > that way. If it helps you, great! Do it, but for me, it makes it more
>   > confusing.
>   >
>   >     This leads me to my final sollution, which is why I'm writing you
> all
>   > today.
>   >
>   >     I'm aware of the program called Sharpkeys, but the issue with that
> is,
>   > it will only let you map a key to another single key. Well, I don't
> have
>   > another key on this machine that I could substitute that wouldn't feel
> very
>   > awquard.
>   >
>   >     I know what I'd like to use.
>   >
>   >     I'd like for Alt+Shift+Spacebar to press the applications key at
> the
>   > currently focused item. Basically Alt+Shift+Space to be the same as me
>   > hitting the application's key.
>   >
>   >     Can this be done in an addon, and if so, is this something that
> someone
>   > up here would be willing to put together for me?
>   >
>   >     I admittedly don't know programming that well, let alone
> specifically
>   > Python, so forgive me.
>   >
>   >     I know Joseph Lee would say, perhaps this should be sent to the
>   > addon list instead, but, I'd rather honestly not join that list for now,
> as
>   > I'm not an NVDA dev, nor really have any intention at this time of being
> so.
>   > I think the list would get overwhelming, and I already have enough
> e-mail as
>   > is.
>   >
>   >     Like I say, I can't imagine this would be too terribly hard to do
>   > compared to a lot of other addons.
>   >
>   >     Literally, all I need it to do is globally hit the application's
> key,
>   > not shift F10, let me be very very transparent on that fact. I have an
> app I
>   > use that certain places require the applications key, and Shift+F10
> won't
>   > work in those areas. It *has* to be the apps key.
>   >
>   >     Wouldn't it just be a matter of coding an if/then statement routine
> that
>   > says something to the effect of:
>   >
>   >     IF keyinput=("alt+shift+space")
>   >         THEN Presskey("applicationskey");
>   >
>   >     OK, I know that's not literally how the source would look, nor was
> I
>   > trying to make it such.
>   >
>   >     I was trying, more or less, to make the point of saying, I don't
> think
>   > this should be hard based on the little programming I know, which again,
> is
>   > more than enough to commit suicide on myself.
>   >
>   >     If it's not quite that easy, then just tell me to shut up. LOL! NO
>   > seriously, don't do that, LOL, but, you get my point.
>   >
>   >     Right now, I'm gonna be very straight up. This isn't something I
> could
>   > pay an addon creator to make, however, given what I'm guessing to be
> the
>   > symplisity of this, I'd not suspect it would be terribly hard to do. I'd
> not
>   > think it would take but maybe 10 or so minutes to write, if even that.
>   >
>   >     If we were talking JAWS, I could have this done in about 2 minutes
> or
>   > less with the script manager, but, alas, we're not so.
>   >
>   >     Again, to clarify, I'd want this done globally throughout the OS,
> so
>   > regardless the window, I'm in, it would work.
>   >
>   >     Windows 10 64 Bit Creator Edition Professional, if that matters.
>   >
>   >     NVDA 2017.2, again, if that matters. This is a full install, not a
>   > portable, and yes, I do have administrator access, and U A C is
> disabled
>   > entirely, in case the API's for this to work require it.
>   >
>   >     Chris.
>   >
>   >
>   >
>   >        Virus-free.
>   >
>   >
>   >


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