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Greg Wocher

I am using the master branch and the newer microsoft voices are in it. The only issue I have is that they are very, very slow. Is there going to be the ability to speed them up at all? Even at 100% speed they are still so slow I don’t want to use them.

Greg Wocher

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In the last version or so of "Next" snapshots of NVDA (like Alpha test builds) we've added the ability to use the Microsoft OneCore (mobile) voices that come with Windows 10.  If you are happy to play with a maybe not polished version of NVDA, you can download the latest "Next" build from here:  Otherwise, sit tight and it should make its way into 2017.3 later this year.

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Yes you can buy them from all sorts of places. Most are not free.

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Is there a way to add more Microsoft API version 5 voices to use with NVDA?  Right now there are only two voices available under the syn choices of NVDA.  I am running the latest version of NVDA and Win 10 64 bit.

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