Re: Important directive for Windows 10 users: there is a reason why Windows 10 App Essentials add-on is out there...


I always forget one or two things...
Add-on URL:

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the only thing I'd gingerly add is since this directive is strongly urging the use of this add in it might have been helpful to include the url at which it is found. while I'm sure it's been mentioned before and can perhaps be found referenced on the group's official page I just thought it'd be helpful to the maximum number of users were it to have been included. Just a thought for future directives of this type. I'll close with gratitude for all who participate to the betterment of all of us.

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oh! when you said explode i thought it would sound much worced but.
its a nice directive

On 6/19/17, Brian's Mail list account <bglists@...> wrote:
Joseph, though I do understand where you are coming from and the

you feel, I do honestly have sympathy with the end user who just wants
a reliable system.
Microsoft have to shoulder a good deal of the blame for what their
changes cause. I'm not suggesting in any way that they are
deliberately screwing things up here, just that they really do not
test stuff enough. For people

who do not use special builds of windows, ie insiders, or nvda. I do
not think it unreasonable to expect continuity and after a while
people do get fed up with having the rug pulled from under them on a
regular basis by software makers, be that Microsoft or anyone else.
So yes, in a development environment you would be justified in being
annoyed, but when people are trying to run their lives day to day and
keep encountering stones in the road and potholes not of their own
making it is,

I think understandable if people get fed up and take the easy option.
I have I know said much of this before, but like most of us, I have
had to

try to help people in real life away from this place and been almost
embarrassed when you eventually track down the issue to the actual
changes in the software and nothing to do with the end user, except
that he or she happens to be blind.

I'll shut up now and be quiet, bite my lip etc for a while. I nearly

a new laptop last week but after reading about all the win 10 issues

not to bother.

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Subject: [nvda] Important directive for Windows 10 users: there is a

why Windows 10 App Essentials add-on is out there...

Dear NVDA community,

Disclaimer: for new community members, I'm normally not like this,
but I do sometimes right posts I believe folks should hear, as it
impacts community experience and what not. So my sincere apologies
for letting you witness my explosive side. Please bear with me for a
second, as it is important that

talk about the following regarding respecting engineers and announce
a directive for Windows 10 users:

In the blindness community (at least for members of various mailing
lists that I'm a part of or lead), I became synonymous with someone
who is willing to show patience until the end, especially when
resolving tech support problems. But there is a hidden side to that:
for certain things, I become

volcano, and those who've witnessed my lava flow knows what I mean.
Unfortunately, I believe it is time that I explode yet again (my
apologies to our dear leaders for doing something like this):

Answering questions: for many situations, when resolving issues, when
I and other engineers ask you questions in hopes of getting to the
meat of the burger. Sometimes we may ask you to tell us steps to
reproduce the given problem, what a screen reader says, and what not.
When developers ask you questions, please do your best to answer them
if possible.

For Windows 10 users: there is an important reason why I wrote
Windows 10 App Essentials: to prevent issues like the one Rosemarie
and others have experienced with Mail app. Hence the following directive:

Until now, it was optional for you to use Windows 10 app Essentials
add-on if you are using Windows 10. I'll make this an important
requirement starting from fall 2017. That is, starting from September
2017, when you report issues like the one Rosemarie has experienced,
I'll no longer ask you to install latest WinTenApps add-on: I'll
assume that you have. For Windows Insiders, this is a critical (and
mandatory) requirement.

I'm not announcing this directive just because I feel like doing it,
nor to increase popularity of my brainchild: Windows 10 App
Essentials add-on exists for important reasons:

* Workarounds for issues encountered by NVDA users when using Windows
10, including various UI Automation issues.
* Respond to changes in accessibility of various apps such as
removing workarounds put in place in past versions.
* Respond to app executable name changes (Microsoft has changed names
of at least three universal app executables).
* Provide essential features for Windows 10 users, including
suggestions announcement, emoji panel support (Fall Creators Update),
Edge notification announcements and others.
* To prove to Microsoft and third-party universal app developers that
accessibility should be a core design criteria for apps, including
letting screen reader users use apps to their full potential.

Thank you.



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