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Never used mpchc for ages the older versions had bits that kept repeating.
I have an old media player classic which I used to use for nasa streams.
Now days its not really needed as such mainly because the shuttle program is gone and mainly because of inbuilt youtube players.

On 6/04/2016 6:51 a.m., mk360 wrote:
I think mpchc is more accessible, but VLC is probably the most complete
player.., audio, video, stream, encoding... and it doesn't require codecs.
However, I've the two programs installed because moving in dvd menus is so
easy with MPCHC.
About key commands, the problem is the interface has old translations, so
the commands doesn't work, but it is a problem of the commands are wrong...
the best option is to search the correct commands in the web of in vlc's


On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 3:37 PM, Gene New Zealand <> wrote:


I use it more to watch dvds with audio description. it seems very friendly
with a screen reader, there is also a add on that you can get for it as
well. If i remember right there is a whole list of shortcut keys that you
can use as well. If you are interested I do have a basic tutorial on how to
use VLC to watch a dvde with audio description. It can be found on the nvda
tutorials for other programs page on my website at
You can jump down by headings quickly to the section once you have got to
that page to read it.

Gene nz

On 05-Apr-16 9:03 PM, Isaac wrote:

Hi, how many of you guys use vlc, and is there any spiware in it as far as
you know, sure is much more responsive then winamp as far as opening and
closing files, please if some of you could give your opinion.

Check out my website for nvda tutorials and other blindness related material at

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