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Sam Bushman

A Universal Windows app is a software application written in the Windows 8 or Windows 10 codebase that can run not just on a Windows PC, but also on a Windows tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or XBox as well.

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Google it

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What is a universal app?

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Hi Joseph and all!

This add on is very exciting for universal apps. I am using this add
on to use the Facebook and Twitter apps much better. Also, this add on
is helping me use Groove app much better. There is a lot of future in
this add on. I will post all of my findings of what I can do with this
add on that I could not do before!

David Moore

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Dear NVDA community:

Virtual Review 2.1 is ready for download. This add-on lets you review
screen content on a browse mode window when you press Control+NVDA+W.

Virtual Review 2.1 is specifically designed for Windows 8.x and 10
users, mostly benefits Windows 10 users. In particular, you can now
(are you ready for this?) review screen contents of universal apps via
virtual review window. This version also lets you see the title of the
window you are virtually reviewing.

The add-on page is at:




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