Re: Important directive for Windows 10 users: there is a reason why Windows 10 App Essentials add-on is out there...


As I recall, the statement was made that by a certain time, when someone asks a bout a problem, Joseph Lee will assume that the add on is being used.  I don't know what that means.  Perhaps before assuming what is meant in an e-mail, a medium notorious for creating misunderstandings, it would have been better to ask what was meant. 
If it had been worded differently for example, by whatever date, I will only help with problems if the person confirms that they are running the Windows 10 add on, perhaps you wouldn't have been angry with that statement.  Clearly, the add on is essential for Windows 10 users to use and keep current.  In this case, though the item is an add on, it incorporates functionality that takes too long to put into the main program to keep the main program current.  Elements of the add on are incorporated into NVDA over time.  If Joseph meant that he wouldn't help people by a certain date unless they are using the add on, that is a perfectly reasonable statement. 
Maybe you should take some of your anger and direct it to Microsoft, which is constantly changing universal apps and, according to what Joseph said on another list, tests them for accessibility with Narrator.  That is completely inadequate accessibility testing. 

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Here's the problem, an addon is just that, something you bolt on, or tack on to a piece of software to extend it, or give it some added functionality. Just because you have developed addons, does not give you the right to issue directives on high to anyone, for any reason. This is egotistical and arrogant, and while I'm sure you have good intentions at heart, my blood boiled when I saw that. We are all not like you, we all don't run the latest insider fast ring builds. Some of us only have one machine, either that, or we just prefer to use something that's going to be more stable. I personally have made the choice to stay clear of insider builds after several bad experiences with them across two separate machines. You probably have a core of testers who will do what you want them to do, or need them to do, the rest of us are just end-users, and are not subject to your whims, no matter how much they may help you in the future. I honestly wonder if anyone else didn't blow up at those words. I don't usually like to partake in back and forth drama, but this just takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. You're an addon dev and work with the NVDA team, this does not make you god. You need to learn that right off. I personally use a few of your addons and enjoy them, and appreciate the work you put into them, however, as I mentioned above, the narcissism needs to stop from you.

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