Attention NVDA next snapshot users: if using WinTenApps dev builds, you need to update to June 20th snapshot


Hi NVDA community,


Some of you may have received several copies of the below notice (if you’re subscribed to various NVDA lists). Normally I don’t post things about add-on snapshots, but given some important work that’s being done in NVDA Core (the screen reader itself), I believe you need to know what’s up:


Advisory for Windows 10 App Essentials development snapshot users: if you are using NVDA next snapshot build 14121 or later, you need to update to WinTenApps June 20th development snapshot due to the following:


Mick Curran from NV Access is working on improving support for Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync). As part of this work, he has implemented an event handler for live region change event that applies everywhere. The live region change event is used to communicate to screen readers that a live text has changed, such as those found in various Windows 10 apps, Skype for Business, Windows Update installation notices seen when the computer restarts, announcements in Edge and other places.


In the past, I have included live region change routine in Windows 10 App Essentials add-on. However, with the latest NVDA next snapshot, this is no longer necessary, instead causing double speaking of announcements in places where it shouldn’t do that. The June 20th WinTenApps development snapshot fixes this. Note that this is just the beginning of a series of builds where WinTenApps will learn to respect live region change events in different places.


As a result of this, the following features will come to a nearest NVDA copy near you in the future (as early as August 2017 via NVDA 2017.3):


  • NVDA will announce incoming messages in Skype for Business.
  • When your computer restarts to install updates, NVDA will announce update progress messages.
  • Certain prompts that weren’t announced in login screens, such as incorrect password prompt and others will be announced.
  • In Windows 10, numerous enhancements will show up. See the next list for a full list.


Improvements specific to Windows 10 and universal apps:

  • In Settings app, currently you have to use the Windows 10 App Essentials add-on to hear progress of update downloads. This will no longer be the case in the future: NVDA will gain the ability to announce this info on its own without needing the add-on anymore (actually, you still need it, as the future work will focus on filtering out unnecessary announcements).
  • In Settings app, when searching for something, NVDA will let you know if the search term has no results. This too required Windows 10 App Essentials but the add-on won’t be required anymore later.
  • If you have a Windows Hello capable device (such as an infrared camera, fingerprint reader (such as the one on my new ThinkPad) and so on), NVDA will give voice prompts when you set up Windows Hello.
  • Additional messages are announced in apps such as Edge, Store, Skype (universal app version) and so on.


Known issues with the add-on:

  • When downloading updates from Settings app (Windows 10), you’ll notice NVDA announcing progress percentages. I’ll come up with a fix for it later today.





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