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and they don't work only to find out that a certain mega corp. has done the deed and this means changing either way you work or installing yet more software to fix it
In other words, you have to do the same thing that everyone does.

I hate these sorts of changes as much as anyone, but the whining about how things change and having to deal with them whether you want to or not from anyone who's been using a computer for more than a few months just doesn't hold water.  It sounds immature and completely unaware of how the computing world works, and has worked for the coming up on the 35 years I've been in it.

There are challenges inherent in having to use accessibility software that make some of these unexpected changes far more frustrating, and I get that, but they are never going away.  They are a fact of life.

If you can't deal with change, and unexpected change, then get away from computing in particular and technology in general as quickly as you can!

P.S. to Joseph and others:  I applaud that teaching style.  It goes back to the "Give a man a fish/Teach a man to fish" dichotomy.  I make a point of trying to teach my students to expect the unexpected and then to have a system for trying to "think their way out of it" when it occurs.  Sometimes that involves asking for help or asking direct questions of others, but that doesn't remove the need to think about why you're asking what you're asking before you ask it.
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