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Jeffrey Shockley

You may also have to go to the Dolby program itself and turn off the auto leveling feature if that computer has it. I remember, that's what I had to do on my laptop. I also think, if I remember right, I had to use object navigation and the mouse commands or touch screen in my case, to get the Dolby program to work.
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You might want to go into Lenovo Settings, audio, then disable
application-specific audio enhancements.

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Hi all,

My employer has given me a new laptop. I believe it is a Think pad 260. It
has a realtech sound card which supports Dolby digital. If Dolby is enabled,
then the volume of espeak fluctuates. If Dolby is disabled, then the volume
remains constant but is much reduced. I have set all the volume sliders from
the volume control and from with NVDA to maximum without much success.

OS=Windows 10
Is there anything else that I can do? I don't mind keeping Dolby on if the
volume can stay constant.


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