Re: libreoffice 5.4 calc and using it with nvda

Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>


First of all, I don't agree that LibreOffice 5.x are not accessible for screen readers, because the problems are just a handful.

Unfortunately, all the issues I described in this group are still present in 5.4,

The most annoying is that frequently NVDA simply stops working. Strangely enough, ALT TABbing to other applications shows that NVDA is still working. To bypass this, it's necessary to restart the screen reader.

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Em 20/06/2017 11:08, nasrin khaksar escreveu:

crash in calc you mean introduced in 5.3?
i tried to send email for you privately, but i recieved that souch
email address is not exist!
i wanted to you test 5.4 and send me the result about calc in my email.
5.2 and 5.3 calc is not accessible for screen readers and one of
developers told that its fixed in 5.4.
could you please test it and give me the result?
you can send me email privately to discuss about libreoffice!
God bless you and i appreciate you for your help.

On 6/20/17, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

I am so sorry.

Excuse me, I did not realize I were still using LibreOffice 5.3.

I will test 5.4...

Em 20/06/2017 08:52, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io escreveu:

All the issues are still there (including the crashes that were
introduced in version 5.3).

Em 19/06/2017 02:18, nasrin khaksar escreveu:
hi walmir and also nvda users and developers.

i reported bug 108474 and one of developers told me that problem using
calc is solved in 5.4 branch of libreoffice.
could you please test this version and give me the result to report to
the developers?
i read in the list that calc 5.2 and later dont work well using nvda
and have problems.
i also tried calc 5.2 and 5.3 and realized the problem and reported it
to the libreoffice group.
thanks so much and God bless you.

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