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Kara Goldfinch <kara.louise18@...>

Try going to the playback tab of the sounds dialogue in control panel, selecting your sound card and then pressing properties.
You should hopefully see an enhancements tab,. On that page is a checkbox labeled disable all sound effects. Check that, and it should hopefully disable most of the so called enhancements.
Also while you're there, in that same dialogue, you might find a tab labeled spacial sound. In the combo box on that page, choose none.
I hope this helps.

On 20/06/2017 18:09, Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi all,

My employer has given me a new laptop. I believe it is a Think pad 260. It has a
realtech sound card which supports Dolby digital. If Dolby is enabled, then the
volume of espeak fluctuates. If Dolby is disabled, then the volume remains
constant but is much reduced. I have set all the volume sliders from the volume
control and from with NVDA to maximum without much success. 

OS=Windows 10
Is there anything else that I can do? I don't mind keeping Dolby on if the
volume can stay constant.



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