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Have you tried the golden cursor ad on?  it lets you do various things like moving the mouse and part of it also lets you label stuff if unlabeled.

I used that part for my scanner so i could get it to route the mouse to those areas in a application. I have not treally labeled much as i do not come across it hardly.

When nvda is running use the nvda key )+ letter then, then arrow to tools, then a sub menu will come up, then arrow down to manage add ons then press the enter key. Under that section look for a button called get add ons then press the enter key.

Your browser will come up and there will be a list of add ons to install. Locate the golden cursor add on and install it.

By the way I noticed that a couple of the commands were around the oposite way  to get them to work. Most were correct.

Gene nz

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Surprising that something as basic as key labelling is missing though in NVDA.  All the other screen readers have it.


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NVDA says copied to clipboard in browse mode because Microsoft makes that feature available.  NVDA has done this for a long time.  I don't know if it did in the early days but this has long been the behavior.



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Running latest released version of NVDA on a win 10 64 bit machine.
Just noticed that while in a browser, IE or Chrome or Firefox, when
selecting text and copying it to the clip board with control c NVDA now
says copied to clipboard.  I don't think it did this in the past.  still
no announcement of pasted from clipboard or cut to clipboard.  Have I
totally lost it or is this something new and if it is new can we get
more such key labels added as well?

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