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Hi Christo

I always run the latest snapshots of NVDA, so am on the most current one. I'm not able to reproduce your described issue with the status line. It works correctly in MS Word, Outlook and Thunderbird. Where the status line still is a problem, and actually has been since I moved to Windows 10, is the status line hotkey simply reporting, "No status line found," in File Manager. Yes, I know there are ways with review cursor to find the info on the status bar, but I believe it's a reasonable expectation to have this working correctly in File Manager. Windows 10 has been around long enough now, and this does actually work fine with commercial screen readers.

BTW, as for Office I'm using 365.


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Hello all

I can confirm that I, too, can no longer get NVDA to read the status line in both MS Word 2013 and the latest updated versions of Thunderbird. I am using the following version of NVDA:

NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
Version: next-14124,08a2b888

But the inability to read these status lines started some snapshots back already, can't remember exactly when.

In Thunderbird when I give the command to read the status line, NVDA just says: "blank". In MS Word it says: "Navigation". I have tried this in both Object Review mode and Screen Review mode with exactly the same results. In both cases the screen is maximised.

Kind regards


On 2017/06/22 12:33 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:

Let's clarify!

1 - The command to read the status bar is:
Desktop layout - NVDA+End
Laptop layout - NVDA+Shift+End

2 - The End key is the one found on the six-pad between the letters
and numeric keyboard, normally above the arrow keys.


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When I use nvda key shift end NVDA says no previous review mode.

On 6/21/2017 4:24 PM, George McCoy wrote:
NVDA shift end is what you want.


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Running latest NVDA and Win 10. In the NVDA documentation it says
that NVDA key and the end key reads the status bar. Does not do it for me.
What am I doing wrong?

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