Re: How do I check a check box?


i tested both libreoffice open office and space works for me well.
i can use space and check uncheck any item that i want.

On 4/6/16, Kevin Cussick via
<the.big.white.shepherd@...> wrote:
Nvda and enter should do it.

On 05/04/2016 22:43, Brian Vogel wrote:

What version of Open Office?

I have Libre Office, Open Office, and Microsoft Office 2010
on my machine. If the form in question is downloadable, or you have a
blank version, you can feel free to e-mail it to me and I'll see what I
can do to activate a checkbox using NVDA 2016.1.

If you're a mouse user typically a left mouse click on a
checkbox acts as a toggle. You might want to get focus on the checkbox
object and hit Num Pad Divide (desktop keyboard layout) or NVDA+[ (laptop
keyboard layout) to see if it has the same effect. The spacebar and enter
work in the context of web browsing, but I think that may be the only
context where that works.


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