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Ralf Kefferpuetz


I would like to post enhancement requests my own, what is the link to do so, please?




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I try to encourage people to join this list.  If someone is able to file a GitHub issue themselves, then great, and it makes it easier for them to follow progress.  If not, and especially if it's something fairly simple to explain or reproduce, I'm more than happy to file issues for people.  Sometimes discussing something on the list here can help work out the best resolution (or in some cases, how to do whatever it is if there is already a way).


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A not very well documented thing to do from the average users point of view. github is far far more complicated to use than Trak used to be for ordinary, ie non programmer types who do not use it every day. it seriously needs a simple front end.

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Well, try creating an issue on github.


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How can we as NVDA users make suggestions regarding the future
development of NVDA?
I would like to suggest adding a key label feature to NVDA similar to
the function in Window Eyes.



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