Re: Another Outlook Issue

Ralph Boersema

Is there any other way to key through the headers?


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Another Outlook Issue

Shift+TAB problem: partly caused by the fact that Outlook uses some components of Microsoft Word when composing messages, and NVDA does detect when you press TAB and Shift+TAB in hopes of announcing margines. Looks like this is a bit aggressive then what users prefer, so I and/or Quentin will need to talk to NV Access about what can be done about this.

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Subject: [nvda] Another Outlook Issue

Dear Folks,

There may be others who have this issue with Outlook, but since Joseph Lee has just been able to confirm my (and Julia's) problem with reading the list in some Outlook folders, I would like to especially address this question to him. But, please let's chime in if anyone else can say something about this.

Joseph, I wonder if you can reproduce a problem I have encountered with various versions of Outlook. Currently, I am using Office 2016. It's actually more an annoyance than a problem. Here goes:

In composing messages, I may hear unrelated words when I move from one field to another before the correct text is read. This happens frequently, but unpredictably, as far as I can figure (but, of course, that's not very far). In writing this message, for example, I just went back to the top and then jumped up to the subject field, using shift-tab. It read to me, "One inches dear folks subject alt u another outlook issue." On other occasions, but not this time, when I drop back down into the message field, it may first read the subject line of an unrelated email that I have just opened.


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