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Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...>

Well, I had problems with skype talking and I thought, I can use this add-on but if it isn't up-to-date,I really don't need it. I've found version 1.0 or so but I thought there's any new version. So, thank you for the information.
На 6.4.2016 г. в 08:27 ч., Shaun Everiss написа:
Well you don't need an addon for skype now anyway.
That addon is really old now I actually remember when it was discussed, eventually a lot of these addons get out of date but if they are good enough they become part of core and then are not needed.

On 6/04/2016 12:37 p.m., Joseph Lee wrote:

Isn’t this the one I said it had security issues? If this is the case, I stand by what I wrote a few months ago: this Skype add-on was blacklisted by the add-ons community for causing issues when NVDA quits. Besides this Skype add-on, two other add-ons are blacklisted or development was suspended: Google Speech Recognition and Instant Translate due to changes implemented by Google.



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That add-on is probably very old. That is just my guess, but, a good one.

On 4/5/2016 3:09 PM, Ksenia Natapova via wrote:


I've found the add on here:

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Am 05.04.2016 um 21:00 schrieb Георги Ламбов < <> >:

Hi people!
I decided it will be good to use NvdA-add-on for skype7. I've found a
very good explanation for the add-on but on this website I couldn't find
link for downloading this add-on. Recommend me please a good place for
download of the latest final version of this add-on! Thanks in advance!

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