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In my view, Microsoft are just not testing what they do, end of story, one feels that if something works in narrator they feel they have done their job. This is either laziness or an inadequate understanding of how blind people use computers.

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if this app is accessible in brouse mode, then maybe you can start the app, turn on brouse mode and make a profile for it.

If all apps need it then have nvda always go to brouse mode when a universal app is needed.

I am unsure if this would help but like jaws and others the software would detect when it thought it had to switch to another mode.

Could nvda detect when something needed brouse mode or not.

Ofcause it would have to be done manually but even so.

On that note maybe if its all it needs to be, putting nvda to brouse mode, instead of addons for spotify could profile be saved, exported and imported into other versions or will something spaciffically be written for spotify.

On that note, for those that are on insiders and can get this with win10 is itunes universal better access wize than its pc counterpart?

On 23/06/2017 8:07 p.m., Olcay AŞCI wrote:
Spotify is now available in the windows store. The new spotify app is an identical copy of the old application. However, as the interface is a web interface, and as nvda does not enable browse mode, this app can only be used with narrator. To resolve this, nvda needs to turn on browse mode in the new app. Additionally, adding a command to force browse mode in applications will solve some problems.

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