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Andre Fisher


This sounds like a bug in the Code Factory implementation of this
setting, as with eSpeak and other synths, NVDA doesn't really handle
the pronunciation of numbers.

On 6/23/17, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
As a user of NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, Narrator, and to some extent, Orca and
Speakup, I believe in constructive criticism of a feedback form in nature.
From developers' point of view, it allows us to examine our strategy and
evaluate our priorities.

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Hi Anthony,

Fair enough. But should I then suggest commercial interest in every post?
I could post something in a year, and you'd come back with the same thing.

OK, I sell all screen readers, and as many voice synths as I can, including
NVDA addons.

My aim is to make constructive criticism of any screen reader, and indeed
suggest improvements, such as the numbers issue.

I am certainly not a programmer, or if I were, I would write addons to get
round some of these limitations.

I also train in all screen readers, including NVDA, so I really speak as I

Does this work for you?


All the best


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Hi Steve,

I still think it would have been polite, and standard practice, when posting
to the NVDA list, to point out that you have a commercial interest in
competing products.

It by no means suggests that your opinions aren't valid, or that you have no
place commenting here - but it does at least enable people to be reassured
that you have no sinister motives, and aren't quietly trying to do what Laz



On Friday 23 June 2017 at 18:03:01, Steve Nutt wrote:

Hi Laz,

Actually I thank you. I really genuinely didn't know of this
technique. I am doing this from the point of view of a totally blind

All the best


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Some of you may not be aware of the fact that Steve is a dealer for
several screen readers in the UK who may apparently be using a
promotional technique commonly referred to as "card stacking," which
is used to knock down a competitor's product by pointing out any real
or imagined shortcomings in order to make your own seem better to the
consumer. While the uninformed may be fooled by this technique the
informed consumer who takes time to check into the product himself
without the added bias and rumor will simply make up their own mind
after looking at all the available information.

He is also doing this to NVDA on at least one UK list where people are
seriously considering moving from Window-Eyes to NVDA instead of JAWS.
Since he joined this list I can only imagine that his bottom line is
the reason.

One good thing about this "card stacking" technique is that it opens
up the door to actual improvement that could be made in NVDA so I say,
please continue Steve.

On 6/22/17, Andre Fisher <andrefisher729@...> wrote:

While this is your choice, I must highlight that the average user
really doesn't really see these issues as standard. You, on the
other hand, might see them as essential, perhaps because you are
coming from a different screen reader. Undoubtedly, these features
will be good. I can say that the digits issue is being tested at the
moment in snapshots, but I assume will only give you the opportunity
to choose between digits and the current default, which is
controlled by synthesizer.


On 6/22/17, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:

Agreed. It will never be my primary screen reader, until more
configuration is added.

The inability to switch off blank lines when cursoring, no key
labelling, the inability to switch numbers to digits or handled by
synth, I could go on with this one. But no, it is simply not
configurable enough by the average user yet.

All the best


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Dennis L
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I agree I’m also surprised in outlook2010 when you are arrowing
throw folders it doesn’t say NVDA 9 unread again a feature other
screen readers have. I also am surprised you can’t label buttons
in a program or on websites. NVDA is missing some very obvious
things in my opinion. If they added these things it would probably
be my primary screen reader.

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Steve Nutt
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:14 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] new key label I think


Surprising that something as basic as key labelling is missing
though in NVDA. All the other screen readers have it.

All the best


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NVDA says copied to clipboard in browse mode because Microsoft
makes that feature available. NVDA has done this for a long time.
I don't know if it did in the early days but this has long been the


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Running latest released version of NVDA on a win 10 64 bit machine.
Just noticed that while in a browser, IE or Chrome or Firefox, when
selecting text and copying it to the clip board with control c NVDA
now says copied to clipboard. I don't think it did this in the
past. still no announcement of pasted from clipboard or cut to
clipboard. Have I totally lost it or is this something new and if
it is new can we get more such key labels added as well?
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