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Andre Fisher


Joseph, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't NVDA leave all number
related settings to the synthesizers? NVDA is not like other screen
readers where numbers are treated differently based on settings such
as digits, whole numbers etc.

This is a Code Factory issue. I believe it has punctuation issues as well.

On 6/23/17, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
To Steve: yes, point taken, I'll pass this onto the feature architect.
To Quentin: I think reminding Derek about this on Gitter would be our best
option at this point.

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Hi Joseph,

Another option then should definitely be controlled by synth. Some synths
figure this out, like the Code Factory ones, and you can set the parameters
within them. But NVDA currently ignores those parameters.

All the best


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As Rui mentioned, this suggestion is under active testing in the latest
alpha-level snapshot. The new option can be found under voice settings and
* Whole numbers: default.
* Digits.
* Double digits.
* Triple digits.

The chief architect of that feature (Derek Riemer, a student at University
of Colorado at Boulder) has made some interesting discoveries while
implementing this feature, such as this being a language-dependent problem.
In other words, the way numbers are shown on different languages, especially
that of thousands separator, may impact this feature.

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Yes, it works here as well. Not for the faint of heart or the normal user,
who doesn't want to do geeky things to get around simple processes like that

That's where NVDA falls down in its lack of some basic features like that.

All the best


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Thanks Jacob!

This works a treat as a work-around for now. I've implemented it and it does
the trick.

I still think though that it would be great if a more elegant way of
managing this preference could be implemented. Particularly if this could
take account of application-specific configurations, to accomodate users'
preferences when working with numbers in different contexts. This would
likely mean using another lower level mechanism as opposed to the speech

I realise that this degree of configurability could be seen as a luxury and
I don't want to nit-pick unnecessarily. I have Jaws 18 on my computer and
use NVDA by default regardless. But I'm just picking up on issues which can
be off-putting to users and I'm guessing that while its not
mission-critical, this one should not be too hard to address. Note though
that I'm not a developer, I just *think* I know what I'm talking about and
could be quite mistaken!

All the best

On 6/22/17, Cearbhall O'Meadhra <cearbhall.omeadhra@...> wrote:
Thanks, Jacob!

This is very useful I've put it in my dictionary straight away!

All the best,


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Jacob Kruger
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Pronouncing Numbers as Single Digits

The standard way to work around this one at the moment is to add a
speech dictionary entry, working wiht regular expressions - invoke
NVDA menu, preferences, speech dictionaries, default dictionary, tab
over to add button, invoke it, and then in matching field place:


In replacement field, put the following, with the trailing space


Then you can enter a description of something like numbers as digits,
and, make sure you choose the match type of regular expression, and,
that will then read out all numbers as digits, but, while this suits
me most of the time, suppose it might be nice to occasionally be able
to toggle through reading styles, but anyway - could always set up
different dictionary entries for different voices, and then it would
use different sets for different voices you switched to, but anyway.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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On 2017-06-22 11:16, Laurent Cadet de Fontenay wrote:
Hi all!

I've recently switched from Jaws to NVDA as my default screenreader
and find the experience very satisfying, both ideologically and
practically, with a computer that now feels just that bit more

One of the issues I have and that I've seen mentioned by users on
other lists is that there seems to be no way to get NVDA to pronounce
numbers as single digits. I noticed from a brief look at GitHub
(which I'm not that familiar with) that this issue has been picked up
on before, but that it has not yet been resolved.

My sense is that this feature may actually be a big deal for people
who work with numerical data and, as it should be possible to
address, doing so could be a a low-hanging fruit that could further
the appeal of NVDA.

I think that an option to toggle the pronunciation of numbers in the
"Punctuation/symbol pronunciation" section of the Preferences menu
could be appropriate, also tying the option to one of the unassigned
keys in the top numeric row for easy toggling.

I hope I'm not flogging a dead horse here, but thought this was worth
raising. Also happy to learn how to do this on GitHub if this could
be more helpful.

All the best

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