Re: Good Browsing Hygiene, was: Kaspersky antivirus, how accessible?


To extend this to what other "computer geeks" think about good Browsing (or Computing in General) Hygiene, I'm posting a direct link to a thread entitled, Windows Defender, on  Although it started out as a question about Windows Defender as an antivirus program, several regulars offered some excellent advice about computing hygiene.  One of the points I hadn't given much thought is not closing down what appear to be malicious windows using the red X at the upper right corner.  This is something a screen reader user wouldn't likely have to consider often, since most I know will use ALT+F4 to close a window, but it is an interesting point that even the normal way of dismissing a window via mouse pointer can be used as the entry point for malicious software.

By the way, the poster named usasma, who is a regular and "geek extraordinaire," also happens to be visually impaired.


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