Latest next has firefox issues

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It seems from my tests that search fields do not obey the rules in the browse menu on when to come out of focus mode any more.

Set them so you can cursor over edit areas and can here the mode change. In the previous snap this worked fine in the google and other search fields, but not in the one I downloaded yesterday. Ordinary fields seem unaffected.
Further, there seems to be something peculiar in that firefox can use a lot of processor on some pages with the next snaps running often, in a slower machine resulting in a complete halt to anything at all.
I've tried firefox from48 to the latest here with little difference in effect. Its fine on my four core, but core 2 duo and single core machines are most affected, as one might imagine of course.
The first issue with not being able to cursor out of a search field is the same on 7 and xp though cursor left does allow one out without tabbing.
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