Re: Interfering videos while browsing


i did my solution and make changes in about:config
and it works for me completely perfect.
i guarantee its accuracy!
i completely deactivating all audio and media files from auto playing.
so do it without any worried and be sure that its helpful.
autoplaying of audio video files happenssince firefox 26 and its
solution i wrote in previous comment.

On 6/25/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I really doubt there is a general option such as that. There are specific
options to di9sable specific forms fo content such as Flash but browsers
don't, and I doubt they can, because of different ways content is conveyed,
have a general disable all option. One possible solution might be to use a
JAVA script disabler which you can easily turn off and on, depending on what
you want to do on the site but I haven't used any enough to know how
convenient they are to use. Going into about:config whenever there is
something you want to hear may be possible, but it's cumbersome.

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Poor web site design. There always should be some simple disable option but

sadly, often there is not. File hippo do this sometimes when you want to
download a program and if you are on a metered internet connection like a
phone data link you can soon run out of data and start to curse the web site

for being so annoying. Some mobile sites tend to stop this but most now
think if you are on a computer you are fair game for all sorts of rubbish.
I guess you might be able to disable in the browser all video content. I've

never looked into that option but it should not really be for us to figure
it out if awe site is designed correctly to start with.

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Subject: [nvda] Interfering videos while browsing


Please, any suggestion how to stop the sudden launching of videos in Firefox

while reading an article or just browsing? It is for sure annoying and
makes it very difficult to continue reading.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] Help with a Word Doc Form


It's also very weird how the form fields themselves are working in

the form you gave the link to. Once I land in a given field, I have to tab

three times to go to the next one. During each of those three tabs the
actual size of the form field displayed changes (at least if it's blank).
This thing is a nightmare!!
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