Accessibility in Inbox by Gmail - Inbox by Gmail Help

Kevin Chao

Computer accessibility

Inbox is compatible with the following screen readers:

Operating systemScreen readerBrowser
Chrome OSChromeVoxChrome
Microsoft WindowsNVDAFirefox
Mac OS X YosemiteVoiceOverSafari

When you open Inbox for the first time, Inbox provides introductory information about how to use the application. You can navigate through these introductory screens with the left and right arrow keys.

Compose and reply

To reply to an email, start typing in the Reply box below the email. To get to more options, like changing the recipients, editing quoted text, or replying inline, just expand the compose window by selecting Pop out reply Pop out reply.

Keyboard shortcuts

For the best experience, turn on keyboard shortcuts in Inbox. The following table contains some useful shortcuts. To find a complete list while you're using Inbox, hold Shift and press ? on your keyboard. Learn how to turn on keyboard shortcuts.

?Open keyboard shortcuts help
tCreate a reminder
HomeNavigate to first item in main list
j or right arrowNavigate to next item in main list
k or left arrowNavigate to previous item in main list
nNavigate to next message in an open thread
pNavigate to previous message in an open thread
o or EnterOpen focused item
Shift + EscFocus main window
Shift + mFocus main menu
Shift + bFocus notifications
xSelect or deselect an item in the main list
Shift + xSelect multiple items
zUndo last action

Tip: To improve keyboard navigation, you can make notifications stay on screen for 30 seconds. Then you can press Shift + b to navigate to the notification and take an action. To make notifications stay on the screen longer:

  1. Open Inbox.
  2. In the top left, go to the main menu Main menu.
  3. Choose Settings Settings at the bottom.
  4. Choose Other.
  5. Check the box next to "Make notifications stay on the screen longer."
  6. Select Done.

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