Re: An query


Its a add to basket button

If you use your navigation keys you will find it



From: Melissa Jean
Sent: 25 June 2017 19:53
Subject: Re: [nvda] An query


I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about in regards to payment

options, but I've noticed that the add to, like add to cart or add to

list, are radio buttons and once you check they they either do it, in

the case of add to list then a dialogue box box pops up that I

generally just hit escape to get out of, or add to cart where you have

to hit the submit query (at least that is what it says for me) to add

to cart. Just a warning it doesn't make any noise or refresh the page

when I do this, I'm using latest version of firefox, but when I

refreshed the page and go to my cart it will show that I have 1 item

in there.


I noticed that when I go to check out and select to change payment or

address there are radio buttons to pick an option



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> I've not shopped on amazon for a good while, lack of funds etc!

>  However they seem to have cleaned up their site a bit, but no matter what

> Item I view after logging in, there seems to be no add to basket link or

> button. Help is as usual, no help at all.

>  Now I have changed my payment card details but when I go into my account

> the correct card is shown as active so I'm in a bit of a  puzzled state.

> Have they made the control something peculiar that Firefox cannot see or

> what?

>  All help gratefully received.

>  I do wish companies would leave their sites alone.

>  Brian

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