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anthony borg

Hi all


I’m having a problem with Mozilla because evrytime I try to download a program from the internet it goes straight to the Mozilla library instead to the download folder,


So, can you tell me if there is a written tutorial of how make Mozilla to downloading them in to the download folder?


And if so, from where I can get it please?


Thanks in advance




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I do have a tutorial on using google chrome with nvda i think it is written and there is a audio version at

When you go to that page jump down by headings until you get to the one on using google chrome with nvda.


it is not the one which was done by David but some one might post a link to his one as well.


gene nz



On 6/26/2017 12:07 PM, Hermann-Josef Kurzen wrote:

I am interested in the link for the tutorial about Chrome, too. 
Who ist able to provide the link?
Grettings - Hermann
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Betreff: Re: [nvda] List of Utilities that Make Windows 10 More Like Windows 7
Send me the link. I'll listen to the thing.
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Chrome works fine with Win10.  Dave Moore made a nice tutorial to get you started.
If you cannot find it, let me know I will send you a link as it is a large file to email.
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Same here! My new computer will be ten. That's why I'm going to get these things. Does crome work good with win 7? Or does it work better with ten? I know the latest version of NVDA works with it!
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Subject: Re: [nvda] List of Utilities that Make Windows 10 More Like Windows 7
Wow, thanks for this list.
While I am not going to use these on systems I do admin on, its nice to know that even though I have to use a lot of extra third party hacks, my workstation will behave normally.
On 26/06/2017 1:55 a.m., Noah Carver via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Folks,
Let me start this off by saying that Windows 10 is great. I have no 
problems with it. However, some parts of it just aren't what they used 
to be. Here is a list of programs that make Windows 10 behave more 
like Windows 7.
Classic Shell:
Classic Shell gives you the old classic start menu, among other things.
Old Task Manager:
When I first updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the first thing 
that really irritated me was the new task manager. It was slow, 
cumbersome and annoying. So, I found a quick, easy and safe way to get 
it back. Just download the file, unzip it, run setup, and let it guide 
you through the steps. You should choose full installation, and 
uncheck the desktop icon check boxes when they come up. Also, once the 
task manager is installed, open it by pressing CTRL+Shift+escape. Next 
press alt and locate the "options" menu item. Press enter, and locate 
the "Hide When Minimized" option and uncheck it by pressing enter.
Next, press alt again, and find the "View" subMenu. Press enter, and 
locate the "Update Speed" subMenu and press enter on it. Set this to 
normal by locating the menu item and pressing enter. That's it. You 
now have the classic task manager from Windows 7 in Windows 10.
UBitMenu (Not Tested Myself but have heard it works) UBitMenu makes 
itself a new tab in your MS Office ribbon menu. Just activate this tab 
and you have the classic menus from MS Office 2003 in your up-to-date 
copy of MS Office.
Note: Although I have not tested this myself, other users have 
reported this works with NVDA.
Ribbon Disabler
Ribbon Disabler removes the ribbon tab from Windows Explorer, 
replacing it with the classic menu bar. Download the file, and unzip 
it. Next, look at the folder. If you are running a 64-bit copy of 
Windows 10, run the file called "Ribbon disabler3 x64". If running a 
32-bit copy of Windows 10, run the file called "Ribbon disabler3".
Once the program opens, click the button labeled "Disable Ribbon 
Explorer ". The program should ask you to log off. Do so, Next, log 
back on... and boom. To uninstall, just run the program you ran 
earlier. You will be presented with a button that says "Enable Ribbon 
Explorer". Click it. Again, you should be prompted to log off and back 
on. Your Windows Explorer should look normal again.
Hope these utilities help you. If you have any questions, comments or 
suggestions on more programs to add to this list, please reply.
Noah T. Carver



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